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UCLA Professor Dr. Paul Abramson

Dr. Paul R. Abramson has been a UCLA Psychology Professor since 1976.. MORE>>

Plaintiff in Civil Litigations

Top Expert Witness, Dr. Paul R. Abramson is a Plaintiff in Civil Litigations..

Expert in Civil & Criminal Cases

Dr. Paul R. Abramson has worked in both civil and criminal cases for over 30 years... MORE>>

Author/ Writer Dr. Paul R. Abramson

Dr. Paul R. Abramson is actively authoring and co-authoring over 10 books. MORE>>
Top Expert Witness

Dr. Paul R. Abramson | UCLA Professor

For over three decades, Dr. Abramson has been a nationally recognized expert witness in cases involving sexual abuse, incest, sexual molestation, rape, sexual harassment, obscenity, internet pornography, child pornography, the sexual assault of the developmentally disabled, and post-traumatic stress disorder.